Pre-Construction Services

On design and build projects, we collaborate with our customer, the Owner, and his consultants to develop the best scope before the project begins. On plans and specification work, we begin this process post award, utilizing our Engineers, Project Managers and Estimators to use all their expertise to create the best construction plan. From constructability review to material and equipment selections, we produce detailed coordinated planned drawings, which allow us to fabricate and procure material and schedule installation to best fit the overall construction parameters. This all results in a smoother and safer job for everyone. Maintaining cost and quality is of the utmost importance in delivering your project.

Because of this due diligence that we perform during the pre-construction phase, our design team will be able to provide analysis of cost versus performance on all aspects of the mechanical system and other trades. Equipment can be evaluated to consider price, performance, installation, service and operating cost. Duct and piping distribution systems can be evaluated for economies in routing and serviceability. Cost saving alternates can be evaluated for impacts on all trades.

Job Cost

Job cost management is critical to the delivery process. AireMasters utilizes a cost management system for tracking estimated versus actual costs from the contract award to the project completion. Costs are independently monitored for all aspects of the job including detailed breakdowns of all equipment, material, labor, subcontracts and other job related activities. The system also has a subcontract and purchase order tracking feature.


Estimating department utilizes the latest state of the art estimating programs. Our estimating system can be used as a stand-alone, gathering information via a digitizing environment or utilizing ON-SCREEN TAKEOFF capabilities, doing take offs directly off the computer screen via downloaded files. It can also be integrated with our CAD/CAM system with the capability of downloading from the CAD directly to our CAM controlled fabricating equipment. This allows us to control the accuracy of our estimates regardless of which approach we choose.

Computerized estimating affords us the ability to create an accurate takeoff, allows us to handle more projects quicker and to create material and quantity lists, and provides us with the option of evaluating different alternatives that can be presented to the owner in our attempt to maximize the efficiencies of the HVAC portion of the project.


Scheduling of work starts with a thorough understanding of the hours estimated to complete the job by area, systems, etc. From this, durations can be established for predetermined work activities. The work activity durations must then be incorporated into the overall project schedule, so that all trades have sufficient time to complete their work within the overall constraints of the job. AireMasters is familiar with, and uses many different scheduling tools (software, etc.) to manage this process efficiently.