It is AireMasters opinion that all future projects will require some type of commissioning. AireMasters has already begun to incorporate commissioning in all of our projects. Our commissioning technicians provide the final system balancing, verification and documentation ensuring the systems function as designed. We feel commissioning is a vital and key component of a successful project and is instrumental in shifting our focus from a “reactive” warranty-driven contractor, to a “proactive” commissioned project contractor.

All equipment and systems are thoroughly checked to assure optimum performance. Field Installation Verification sheets are included with the closeout documents so that the owner will have documentation that all systems were reviewed.

Commissioning our installations is a more thorough approach to working out any issues in the systems we install. It also allows us to greatly minimize punch list items resulting in a more efficient closeout of the project. In addition, it gives the Owner and Construction Manager a “value added” service that they may not get from other mechanical contractors. Finally, commissioning should greatly reduce the number of “call backs” to the project.