Engineering is the foundation of outstanding mechanical systems. The challenge is to transform innovative ideas into practical and reliable systems. Whether your needs are large or small, simple or complex, our engineering staff will work with your design team and contractors to guarantee you are provided with the best design to meet your requirements and that it is complete, coordinated and code compliant.
At AireMasters we focus beyond the initial installation to ensure that your system is designed to last and function reliably for many years under varying conditions and requirements. Our engineers utilize the experience of our commissioning and service professionals to design systems that will be serviceable and perform efficiently for the long term.

Building Information Modeling and 3D

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is no longer a novelty in our industry, but a necessity to a successful project. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) revolution is sweeping the construction industry and AireMasters is in the forefront of this exciting technology, which allows both the owner and his consultants an opportunity to visualize what the building components look like before the building is built. In addition this technology also affords the subcontractors the opportunity to organize their work more efficiently to avoid collisions and conflicts “on the drawing boards” before they arrive at the jobsite. This saves the owner money and time and affords the trades involved a sense of pride in knowing the project was installed “according to plans”.

Designing in 3D allows AireMasters several options in fabrication planning and to choose the best method on a project by project basis. The 3-D design documents can be used directly by fabrication planning staff to improve the coordination efforts.

BIM and 3D design utilizes the following software to accomplish the desired results.

  • The Latest Version of  Auto CAD  – 3-D Engineering and Drafting
  • Revit Systems – Parametric Modeling
  • Quickpen CAD Design Planning – 3-D Duct and Pipe Fabrication
  • Navisworks efforts – 3-D Building Coordination

AireMasters commitment to BIM/3D design has allowed for our team to take the lead in projects utilizing these products. With our experienced staff, AireMasters has been chosen to be the lead team in several projects to date. The utilization with BIM/3D in coordination with our compatible fabrication software has offered the opportunity for better coordination and better planning results which has led to more accurate fabrication methods and better installations that are delivered without conflicts and on time.

Design Build

AireMasters Design and Build Team is geared toward quality and specified end performance based on an up-front agreed-upon scope for a guaranteed final price at completion. We are not driven by the collection of our engineering fees. We are driven by the success of the project and the delivery of value to our customers.

By coordinating the efforts of the various subcontractors with other team members, AireMasters helps to achieve the greatest economy at the highest quality possible. AireMasters will refine conceptual system design to compliment both the Architect and Owner’s needs and satisfy the Owner’s goals for the building quality, comfort and reliability. It is our belief that “an up-front, collaborative process provides the opportunity, in the pre-construction phase of a project to better define both the Owner’s end cost and scope. By understanding the Owner’s priorities, this sets the standard for the job and with the non-adversarial construction approach, offers the Owner the best opportunity to receive the best value”. High performance is included in the AireMasters design efforts by using energy analysis techniques and life cycle analysis to determine the optimal solution for HVAC and plumbing designs.

Building Automation Systems

Gone are the days where controlling HVAC Systems was based on simple electric switches and thermostats. Now Owners and clients not only want, but need the ability to monitor and adjust their sophisticated mechanical systems remotely as well as on-site and to be able to have this ability 24/7 via web based software. This has been and is being accomplished by the use of EMS (Energy Management Systems), utilizing DDC (Direct Digital Controls) and state of the art software. AireMasters approach to automation technology embraces many industry standards to achieve openness and integration. We have developed a unique approach and implementation that provides a multi-vendor, interoperable control system that satisfies the need for internet openness, while maintaining the determinism and integrity required for real-time control, recognizing the value of open technologies that allow interoperability of multi-vendor equipment and compatibility of control and information management applications.

AireMasters is currently certified in Carrier Controls, Johnson Metasys and Honeywell control systems and constantly updates their technicians with the latest educational and training programs that are available from the various control manufacturers that we are certified.