AireMasters Takes Safety Seriously

March 29th, 2013

Effective July 2013 AireMasters will have their new experienced modification rate, down 65% to last year’s 72% which was already excellent. This is one of the lowest MODS in CAL-SMACNA. AireMasters takes pride in our safety excellence and strives to keep a great rate.

AireMasters has a skilled in house safety committee which holds quarterly meetings.  These meetings include any new laws or ideas which help to keep our injury incidents low to none and improve our on-site safety.

In the field we hold weekly on-site tailgate meetings going over the week’s events and keeping organized binders on our safety meeting minutes. Each week per job site our Personnel Department includes Tool Box Topics to review at the weekly meetings.  Always striving to stay aware of the possible hazards around job sites.  Being preventative in our measures has achieved AireMasters their continued success with recognition from CAL-SMACNA  and low insurance mod rates.   Safety saves lives and increases job efficiency.